redefining authentic design one rug at a time

MEND - Vintage Kilims Reimagined


Developed by Woven Accents, MEND is a collection of flatweave wool chador floor pieces, inspired by our unique ability to marry the authenticity of artisan craft with modern design. 

Made from a mixture of goat hair and cotton these antiques range in age from 50 to 90 years old.  The small patches seen on some rugs are pieces that once lived other lives; the bag of a fruit carrier, a woolen blanket, a piece from the inside panel of another tent.  A mixture of sustainable design and modern luxury, these floor pieces are well-suited for use and utility.

From runner to statement piece, we offer collaborating with our clients on type, color, stitch and pattern to create a size and palette that works.  Hand-made in our Los Angeles headquarters, lead times are a minimum and assembly is done by our own dedicated staff.


# 19986 Flatweave

Chaput Vintage Kilim
11' 3" x 15' 8"

# 19936 Flatweave

Chaput Vintage Kilim
10' 7" x 21' 6"