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Meet The Woven Accents Team

Abraham Moradzadeh , Founder

Abraham Moradzadeh recognized his passion for the art of antique rugs when he was just 18 years old, opening a small rug gallery near the British Embassy in his native Tehran, Iran. The shop became a tourist attraction, and Moradzadeh found educating clients about the proper way to buy an antique rug addictive. So addictive, in fact, that he often would host lectures to Peace Corp workers on the vast culture surrounding antique rugs and tapestries. In 1979, the revolution led Moradzadeh and his family to Los Angeles, where he re-opened his namesake rug shop in the heart of the world-famous Los Angeles Design District a year later. And Moradzadeh's zeal for rugs remained the same. His historical knowledge combined with an eye for truly special, one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world quickly attracted important designers and their clients. And the knowledge and know-how gained from a lifetime of rug buying allows Moradzadeh to offer only the finest rugs available in the world at the best prices in the game. He is able to discern truly important pieces from the less noteworthy, so each of his clients can be confident that they are getting a special piece with an undisputedly accurate value. Today, Moradzadeh still uses his impeccable eye on sourcing trips to Paris, Morocco, Turkey and Germany, where he specializes in seeing the unique details and potential in antique decorative pieces spanning the late 1800s and beyond. He thinks of his buying trips as treasure hunts, and is just as passionate about helping clients conceptualize their perfect rug as he was when he was 18.


Sam Moradzadeh

Sam Moradzadeh's vision for the future has been evident since he first joined the 50 year old company founded by his father, Abraham in 2005.  After graduating from USC's Marshall School of Business, Sam recognized a shift in the market place and saw an opportunity to grow the business in a new direction. Rebranded as Woven Accents, the previously antique rug wholesale business was transformed into a gallery space that fulfills the needs of the most astute interior designer. 

In 2007, Sam spearheaded partnerships with some of the industry's leading contemporary rug designers diversifying the product offering at the gallery. Today both the product offering and brand continues to grow under Sam's tutelage.  Driven by his passion for front-end innovation, Woven Accents found itself on the leading edge of the art driven rug trend.  The ONE LOVE Collection, a limited edition collaboration with Urban and Contemporary artists, launched in a forward thinking fashion in February of 2014.   Six artists were invited to paint on vintage and antique rugs, and a custom mural was painted on the face of the showroom bearing the collection's namesake.

2015 promises to be another exciting year.  With their second location opening in New York City's Hudson Square, plans for global expansion on the horizon, and a series of new collaborations incubating, Sam is determined to continue to push the envelope and expand his cutting edge approach to the design industry. 


Jeannene Sands , Showroom Manager

Since 2005, Jeannene Sands has used her design expertise and faultless customer service skills to help clients enhance their spaces with merchandise from Woven Accents. A Southern California native, Sands graduated from California State University Fullerton with a B.A. in Economics. Her business experience combined with a love of design and gardens led her to open a successful floral and landscape design business. Soon, Jeannene wanted to use her know-how in an interiors setting, and joined the Woven Accents team. Whether travelling or going out locally, she is always attentive to interiors, and on the lookout for new and unusual rugs and other textiles.  In addition to being on the selling floor, Jeannene can also be found attending and planning events for the La Cienega Design Quarter, the renowned Los Angeles design association where she and Woven Accents are active members.


Ginna Christensen , Creative Director

Born in Brooklyn, New York Ginna Christensen, the daughter of two entrepreneurs, grew up knowing that the arts would play a central role in her professional and personal life. Known in the design industry for her creative collaborations with established and emerging artists, Ginna has worked in tandem with organizations such as the Los Angeles Art Association, PS ARTS and The Art of Elysium to ensure that we keep investing in the artists of the future.

Ginna started her career in the fashion industry, working in merchandising and marketing for Giorgio Armani, Ellen Tracy, and Emanuel Ungaro. She entered the rug business in 2005 working as the VP of Sales and Product Development for a high-end rug brand forging deals with companies like Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home.

In October of 2013, Ginna joined the team at Woven Accents team launching a line of limited edition rugs inspired by art in the streets. In addition to growing Woven's innovative artist collections, Ginna is helping to shape the brand by managing special projects, creating strategic partnerships, and spearheading growth into new markets.

Mariam Hakhnazaryan , Visual Designer

Mariam Hakhnazaryan's journey along the creative path started early on in life.  Surrounded by the smell of oil paint in her grandfather's art studio, Mariam spent countless hours watching him work on new paintings.

Influenced by her creative elders, Mariam received both a BA in Arabic Studies as well as an MA in Graphic Art. During her Master's program, Mariam studied in France at the...cole superieure de beaux-arts de Marseille, where her esthetic was shaped as much by her classes in the studio as her travel abroad.

After graduating, Mariam engaged her inquisitive mind into the exploration of as many aspects of art as possible. Engrossed in various creative projects including street art, photography, printmaking, and graphic design, Mariam further developed her repertoire as a designer and artist. 

In May of 2014 Mariam joined the Woven Accents team as Visual Designer.  Referencing the knowledge she gained from her diverse educational background, Mariam served as the muralist for the installation inspired by 1,001 Arabian Nights during LCDQ's Legends of La Cienega.


Christina Tullock , Design Director

A third generation Angeleno born into a family of designers, Christina’s passion for modern art is integral to her design work. A love for antiques eventually led to a job with renowned artist and designer Christopher Farr. Her position as Design Director at Woven Accents allows her to combine her ten years of design industry experience with her love of vintage and modern textiles. Her goal is to design contemporary rugs that draw on the extensive history of Woven Accents.