our website is the first tool for customers to familiarize themselves with our offerings. our exclusive inventory is fully searchable by rug type, size, style and layout, and pricing is available by email or phone. our additional services include rug repair, cleaning and a sales force supported by our rug handlers who will assist you in finding the perfect rug for your place. rugs can be viewed on location. for movies, tv, events and magazine shoots rug rental is an option.

rug repair

a fine rug is an investment to be protected and conserved. woven's expert conservators are hand-picked for their years of experience, unsurpassed skill, and great attention to detail. our conservators have been responsible for the impeccable restoration of some of the world's finest antique rugs and tapestries, and use that same care and perfectionism in every rug and tapestry they work on. headed by hasmik ‘jasmine’ ourfalian–meticulously trained in her native armenia–

our in-house workshop offers rug repair and rug conservation services ranging from mending slight moth damage to repairing more significant damage caused by years of wear, or an unfortunate accident.

rug cleaning

when it comes to cleaning a rug, the only way to ensure that it is done properly and safely is to go to an expert. unqualified cleaners may not know the consequences of cleaning a rug with the chemicals or use the wrong methods; often causing worse damage in the process. if your rug has been soiled or stained, or if it just needs a periodic cleaning, we offer the highest quality rug and tapestry cleaning service available.

rug handlers

our services are supported by seven rug handlers, the muscle of the operation, who tirelessly pull rugs from our inventory of over 10,000 pieces. working in tandem, they unroll the rugs on the showroom floor and fold them up again during multiple presentations to our discerning interior design clientele. they balance on tall ladders to hang and take down the weekly changing exhibition in our gallery, assist in photographing and tagging new inventory, and clean, pack and deliver rugs in the black woven mobiles all over the greater los angeles area. they are at our service, and at your service, and do so proudly, knowing they keep our engines running.

rugs on approval

from our many years of experience working with interior designers and individual clients, we know that fine rugs are best viewed in the intended space. we strive to make this process an enjoyable one. here are three scales that our rugs can be tried out:

in home presentation (greater los angeles and new york area)  

in the los angeles and new york metropolitan areas, we can arrange at no charge to deliver rugs to your home and present them to you there.  you can also keep the rugs for a day or two to see them in various lighting to make sure you are satisfied.

shipping on approval (outside our delivery zone, within the u.s.)

for our out of town clientele, we offer shipping on approval. after completion of the paperwork, we will ship one rug (or several rugs) for you to try in your home. keep the rugs for a day or two, see them at night with your lighting; see them in daylight with your furnishings. you will be able to gauge firsthand the quality of the rugs and their compatibility with the room.

if the rugs don’t work for you for any reason, you may return them and no charges will be made to your account. the process runs so smoothly that many people try again until they find the perfect rug!

in home presentation (anywhere in the u.s., for larger projects)

for larger projects we offer an on-site presentation anywhere in the country. we will have our representatives fly out to you and present the rugs at your home. ask a representative for more details.

rug rental

for over twenty five years we have provided a variety of rugs for movies, still photo shoots, commercials and television shows, and private events.  we have long lasting relationships with set decorators and designers, and work on a project-by-project basis to advise on the most appropriate rugs to use on the shoots, on trend and on budget. our vast collection of antique, vintage, decorative and contemporary rugs guarantees that we will have exactly what you are looking for.

contact us to learn more about our rug rental program.