samarkand FROM 1800 THROUGH THE 1920s
antique samarkand

known for their long, narrow and meticulously expansive designs, antique khotan rugs add a sense of intrinsic beauty to any space. these rugs originated from the region collectively known as samarkand. influenced by chinese design elements, antique khotan rugs are typically associated with palettes of red and yellow as well as earthy shades of brown, gold, greens.

in production since at least the seventeenth century, these rugs emerged from the city of khotan in what was once known as east turkestan. khotan rugs are often associated with samarkand rugs due to their location near the major trading city of samarkand in central asia. this region thrived in culture and prosperity in part because it was a major crossroads for early trading between china, european and mediterranean countries; a node on the legendary silk route. textiles were a central trade amongst these areas, particularly silk, and rug production flourished. as a cultural hub between various perspectives and practices, antique khotan rugs are unique in their integration of various designs and colors.

woven's large collection of antique khotan rugs offers a comprehensive look at the scope and diversity in the designs found in these antique rugs. with over 300 personally chosen antique khotan rugs, these exceptional floor coverings range in size, fibers, and colors to fit perfectly with your home or business. within our collection you will find vibrant shades of natural dyes gently faded and subtly brushed with the mark of passing time and true craftsmanship. intricate borders with layers of colors and finely detailed patterns line many of our khotan rugs, opening up to a large design field of strategically placed symmetrical medallions and floral motifs. our collection even includes a few khotan rugs that incorporate the rare depiction of animals into the main design.

one common characteristic of antique khotan rugs is the intentional flow of the patterns. by leaving structured space within the central design, it imparts a sense of visual abundance and artistic understanding that is often unique to khotan rugs. these rugs offer a gentle versatility that can work seamlessly with most interior designs from traditional to contemporary styles. the khotan rugs in our collection have been masterfully woven and aged wonderfully, and are certain to add a sense of artistry and timeless beauty to your environment.

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