Farahan is a village located in the province of Markazi in central Iran. Older Farahan rugs are very popular in the West. Most Farahan rugs have a geometric pattern although some curvilinear rugs are woven in Farahan as well. These high quality rugs are mainly woven by the asymmetrical knot on cotton foundation.Farahan carpets and rugs are remarkable for their abilty to combine different qualities and sensibilities. The medallion design customary on so-called Sarouk-Farahans is classically Persian, as is all the minor detail. But the drawing is an interesting combination of suave curvilinearity and geometric stylization. Farahans often come close to the angular drawing of Herizes and Serapis, but a much finer scale appropriate to designs of classical derivation. This delicacy of design relates closely to the weaving technique of Farahans, which is relatively tight and fine. The coloration of Farahan rugs and carpets tend to be rich yet soft, with emphasis on terracotta reds, delicate blues and greens, and pastel apricots and yellows.
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