Antique Lilihan rugs (Persian rugs) usually have curvilinear patterns composed of traditional floral motifs, but geometric ones are also seen. The pink color of the weft is the main characteristic of Lilihan rugs and carpets. A truly beautiful Lilihan rug is a brilliant addition to any setting. Lilihan is in what used to be called the Kemereh district. In the US Lilihan is the common term for the rugs of the region. It is less well known in Europe. Other major producers in the region include Khomeine and Reihan. The rugs are in the Hamadan weave and use the symmetrical knot.The Lilihan area produces a wide range of sizes from Mats to large room size carpets. The rugs tend to be similar to Sarouk carpets. in color style and thickness. Lilihans tend to have longer pile which was attractive to the American Market.
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